Irish Sunshine 


glowWe recommend eye protection for whenever the sun comes out to protect the eyes from Ultravoilet (UV) and blue light.

We also recommend Sunglasses on typical Irish days that are not extremely sunny due to Glare.
If you find yourself squinting outdoors,  -it’s probably due to Glare.

GlareGlare Reduction

Glare is a visual sensation caused by excessive and uncontrolled brightness.Light that is reflected from a source such as a car windshield, surface water on the road or even from  glass of building’s will cause glare.
It can be disabling or simply uncomfortable.
Unlike UV, exposure to glare does not physically damage your eyes, but it can severely impair your vision.

Glare can reduce visibility by causing a reduction of brightness of the rest of the scenery by constriction of the pupils.

We recommend polarised lenses to the cut out all glare.


1Polarization is a filter that is embedded into the lens. Its main purpose is to block glare. It helps to reduce eye strain and fatigue. Recommended for most activities including but not limited to: driving, cycling, golfing, skiing, shooting and fishing.


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