Eye test for a Driving Licence report

D502 Form

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Do I Need an eye test for a driving licence?

The NDLS requires a eye test for a Driving Licence report (form D502) when applying for a new Licence. It is not normally required however when you are applying for renewal of your licence. You can download and print the form here

We all know the importance of clear vision when it comes to driving.

For the standard category/group 1 ( Car / motorcycle/ tractor /A1, A, B, EB, M or W  ) licence, a standard of vision is required to be met with or without the need for glasses.  Best visions are recorded as well as the applicant’s field of vision/peripheral sight and eye movements and eye co-ordination.

For category/group 2 licences ( bus / truck / C1, C, EC1, EC, D1, D, ED1, ED a) a different type of examination is required with a higher standard of vision required to pass the test and a more detailed visual field test is conducted. This measures your peripheral vision and maps out your natural blind spots and also measures your contrast or sensitivity to low levels of light. 

Eyesight report1



After the eye test examination, the optometrist on duty will help you to complete the form. The form is only valid for 30 days from the date it has been stamped. We know first hand that amended forms are not accepted.  Please contact us  if your form is out of date.

How long is the eye sight report form valid for?

This form is only valid for 30 days from which it is signed. 

Lack of adequate proof of PPSN and incorrectly completed  forms are the most common reasons that customers are unable to complete their applications at an NDLS Centre!

Please ensure to check all documentation and requirements prior to going to a centre to apply. Errors and Omissions are out of our control but were always happy to help

Eyesight report2 Eyesight report3

Eyesight report4



The fees for Driving Licence Eyesight Reports are €25 for a group 1 licence and we no longer conduct group 2 licences.  The duration of the test is 10- 15 minutes. Appointments can be made by calling Macroom Opticians on 02643123. We look forward to seeing you!


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