Childrens Frames


Children are not simply adults in miniature and spectacle frames should not be just scaled down versions of adult styles. Since a child’s facial features are still maturing and are more delicate than adults, it is important that the frame is fitting comfortably and the lenses are placed accurately in front of the eyes.


Many frames have special features, such as 180 degree spring hinge sides that help prevent frame breakage under strain.Adjustable nosepads are also available which allow for more accurate fitting around the bridge of the nose. We stock “megalock” temple ends which are ideal for children as they stop frames from slipping down and prevent children peering out over their glasses.


A few tips to help you choose the right glasses are
Ensure the frames fit well, they sit up on the child’s nose and that the child is not able to look out over the top of the frames.
The sides of the frames should have a strong spring joint.
Materials such as titanium are strong but keep the frames light as well.
Choose special impact resistant lenses to improve safety and prevent breakages
Use thinned down lenses to improve the appearance of high prescriptions.

It is estimated that 5% -10% of pre-school children and 25% of school going children have vision problems.
Even children who cannot read are able to have a visual assessment. Symbols and shapes may be used at both distance and near positions to check how well they can see.



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