Glazing Lab

After you’ve chosen your new frame, it’s passed on to the laboratory for glazing. Your prescription lenses are retrieved from our stock banks or ordered in if necessary. The technician will then proceed to mark up the lenses precisely and prepare them for edging.

After edging, your new lenses are mounted to the frame. checked and rechecked for accuracy .
When we are satisfied that our standards of precision have been achieved, your new completed spectacles are handed over for dispensing to the patient.


If you need new lenses because of a change in prescription or your current lenses are scratched or damaged and you are happy with your own frame – send them into us for a good value re-glazing.

We have installed Essilor edging equipment. We have hand edging machines and Phantom lens tinting baths. We can glaze for single vision prescriptions, prescription sunglasses, bifocals and varifocals – all with or without scratch and anti-reflective coatings.


We cannot grind out scratches in your existing lenses; it’s not feasible.
But with a new replacement pair fitted from just €43 it’s economical to get new lenses.



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