Fitting & Aftercare

Fitting a contact lens

Aftercare3During your fitting consultation we will examine your ocular surfaces and your eyes’ tear film and assess if contact lenses are suitable for you.

Once the appropriate lenses have been chosen we will teach you how to insert and remove your lenses, and discuss lens care and hygiene with you.

Aftercare2 Once we are satisfied that you can safely insert and remove your contact lenses we will then supply you with a free trial and advice sheet.

You will need to be assessed again at the end of your free trial and if you are happy with the lenses, and we are happy that they are suiting your eyes, you can go ahead with an order.

Aftercare1_10 Contact lenses and solutions can be ordered by email or phone and can be dispatched by post if this is more convenient for you.


We recommend annual check-ups for all our contact lens patients to maintain good ocular health, to check for any corneal changes due to contact lens wear, and to ensure you are wearing the best and most up-to-date contact lens option for you.


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