Lens Coatings

The eyes are the window to the soul! Unfortunately when looking at some spectacle wearers you cannot see their eyes clearly because of reflections from the surfaces of their lenses. These reflections not only look unattractive, they also affect the vision of the wearer. Without lens coatings around 8% of light is reflected back away from the eye and in-turn dulls the vision and the wearer is aware that they have to look through something.

When Lenses are treated with anti reflection  lens coatings, the light does not bounce off the surface of the lens but continues to move through the lens , leading to brighter clearer vision for the wearer.Not only do Anti-Reflection lenses improve the quality of vision for the wearer, they dramaticly reduce the shine of reflections from the surface of the lens and remove the ‘glassy’ appearance of the glasses.

Macroom Opticians lenses are all treated with an ‘anti-reflection’ coating. These coatings are so effective that there are virtually no reflections evident on our lenses. In addition Macroom Opticians apply a tough scratch resistant hard coat and a water resistant top layer that makes your lenses easy to clean. This means that you continue looking great and seeing clearly.This means that the wearer’s eyes are more visible so better eye contact is possible.

Anti-reflective coated spectacles will also assist you in your night time driving, by reducing glare from oncoming headlights.Many people find driving at night uncomfortable as glare from oncoming headlights is increased due to reflections on spectacle lenses. Macroom Opticians anti-reflection coatings remove virtually all reflections and make night driving more comfortable and safer.


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