PRSI entitlements for optical benefit

self employed

PRSI entitlements

SELF-EMPLOYED PEOPLE including FARMERS, can now access free optical exams and glasses through PRSI benefits.


Farmers PRSI benefits



The government has announced in OCT 2017 , that it has expanded the range of optical and dental services available to PRSI contributors.

The optical scheme now covers glasses which you can get for free. Builder PRSI benefits

PRSI benefits

You may also get a portion of the cost if you choose an upgraded design.

Alternatively, you can get a contribution towards contact lenses. 

The PRSI Treatment Benefit Scheme is available to insured workers, the self-employed, farmers and retired people who have the required number of PRSI contributions. you can check the qualifying criteria here 

The easiest way to request an appointment is use the contact us form.

The quickest way is to contact us directly on 026 43123 and this will give you direct access to speak to an optical assistant whom can view the live diary and facilitate your request quickly.

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