Post Covid19 operations

We are open for your eye tests and would like to welcome you back to Macroom Opticians.

We  reopened our doors on the 18th of May along side the government guidelines with phase 1.

If you would like to see our currant opening hours, go to this page.

Eye tests

We are carrying out eye tests for you in a safe manner. The optometrists will ensure that your safety is paramount at all times. They wear full PPE including masks and eye protection, disposable aprons etc.

You will also be required to wear a mask as some of the eye test is carried out within the 2 meter guidelines such as retinoscopy. 

If you have an appointment, you may recieve a call from us to ensure that you are felling well and showing no signs of Covid 19. The optometrist may also discuss some of your ocular history and symptoms to minimize the amount of discussion required in the testing room. 

Personal Protection Equipement

We have invested in different area’s of the practice to ensure your safety and the safety of our staff. All members staff will wear PPE such as masks and shields when helping patients choose frame and working within the 2 meter guidelines. All off our patients are invited to use the hand sanitisers on entry and departure of the practice.

There are large polycarbonate breath shields on the frontdesk to assist patients communicate safely with the practitioners. A new dispensing station has been been put in place to allow the safe dispensing of spectacles and other optical products to patients and customers. 

Frame Cleaning

We actively encourage patients to try on new frames. Every frame is then placed into a container and thoroughly sterilesed after they have made their choice. The sterilisation is conducted using a UV-C machine which kills virus’s and any bacteria. Once the frames have spent the required time in the UV-C unit, they are polished and returned to the display for the next patient. 


Social Distancing

We are actively encouraging social distancing as is set out by the HSA guidelines, following the 2 meter distancing rule where possible and giving patients whom attend an easy to follow oneway system to the frontdesk and a designated seating area. The maximum amount of patients allowed waiting in the practice is 3. Patients are encouraged to attend on their own where possible and for minors, we would ask that they only attend with one accompanied adult. 

During the frame selection with the patient where the practitioner may have to work within the 2 meter guideline to make adjustments or measurements, they will wear masks or shields to protect you and themselves. 

Air purification 

A BLUEAIR Particle Filter was purchased for the test room. This device contains a Carbon and HEPA filtration system.

This is proven to remove 99.99% of the 12 most common airborne viruses and bacteria including H1N1 and E.Coli from your environment.

It also protects against the spread of viruses and bacteria, destroying 99% of airborne germs, rendering them unable to reproduce. The air purifier is near silent and doesn’t interrupt the eye care health checks being carried out by the optometrist. 

Testing Equipement

All of the test equipment is thoroughly cleaned and sprayed down after every patient. Every contact surface is disinfected and sterilized and all of the trial lenses ate sanitised in the UV-C machine between each eye test consultation.

The optometrist will be wearing a single use disposable apron and this is discarded safely after every test to ensure that no cross contamination can occur between patients. 

Contactless Payment

This is available to all patients and encouraged but is not of course compulsory.  It does minimise the amount of handling of paper notes.

The new limit for contactless payment is €50.00


If you feel that there is anymore that we can do for your safety, we would be delighted to hear from you. 

We look forward to seeing back in our practice and would like to take this opportunity to invite you to call us to make an appointment to continue with your eyecare. 

John, Anna & Staff. 



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